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LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Management

Reach 660+ Million Business Professionals

LinkedIn is the professional network with over 700+ million users globally. In UAE alone there are 4 million professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Advertising is a great way for members and businesses to deliver compelling and relevant opportunities to LinkedIn members. You can show your LinkedIn ads to professionals based on: Location, Company Name, Company Size, Company Industry, Job Title, Job Function, Seniority, (CEO Senior Manager, Managing Director amongst others), Degree, Skills and more..

Some LinkedIn Ad Types

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

  • Boost your company's updates across all devices
  • Promote your company content to targeted audiences on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Directly promote awareness and get leads through the world's most viewed professional news feed.
  • Invite new followers to your Company or Showcase Page
  • Reach just the right audience with a robust targeting options
  • Get your message out on all device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Up-to 4 - 5% click rates too.

LinkedIn Text Ads

  • Start generating leads in minutes
  • Add a compelling headline, description and even a 50x50 image
  • Choose your target audience with precision B2B filters
  • Text ad formats are also lower cost form of LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Send personalized messages to the people who matter most to your business. With Sponsored LinkedIn InMails you can;

  • Get registrations with personalized invites to business events.
  • Boost conversions with targeted product and service.
  • Make ads for your content downloads of infographics, white papers and more

LinkedIn Lead Ads

This is similar to Facebook lead form ads, where user can see your sponsored content in their newsfeed, and just click submit is the action. No need for website visits, filling out forms.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Engage prospects with ads automatically personalized to them

Why LinkedIn Advertising has the edge over other type of advertising

  1. Unmatched audience quality:
    Get your business in front of the largest, most engaged network of professionals, thought leaders, decision-makers and influencers.
  2. Accurate professional targeting
    Use LinkedIn’s exclusive professional targeting or your own first- or third-party data to programmatically reach the audiences that matter most to your business.
  3. High view-ability
    Attract and engage your target audience with highly visible display ads, placed exclusively on high-traffic LinkedIn pages.
  4. Brand safety
    Advertise with confidence in LinkedIn’s bot-restricted, fraud-monitored environment.

Some LinkedIn Advertising Targeting include:

  • Precision B2B targeting
  • By job title and function
  • By industry and company size
  • By seniority
  • Demographics Age and
  • Gender
  • Company Company
  • Connections,
  • Company Followers,
  • Company Industry,
  • Company Name and Company Size
  • Job Experience
  • Job Functions,
  • Job Seniority's,
  • Job Titles,
  • Member Skills, and
  • Years of Experience

LinkedIn Advertising Costs:

Pay per click: $2 - 10$ per click
Pay for Impressions: 10 - 100$ per 1000 people
Minimum Daily Budget of 10$
Ad types: Image, Video & Carousal Ads

Want to generate leads with LinkedIn?

The Boost Kings is a Lead Generation Company and social media marketing agency. We are Certified Google Partners in UAE. Contact us to discuss your marketing needs. We will need LinkedIn Company Page access and some more details.

Why LinkedIn Advertising has the edge over other type of advertising

Unmatched audience quality
Accurate professional targeting
High view-ability
Brand safety

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are LinkedIn Ads expensive?
In contrast to social media platforms, LinkedIn is made up of professional traffic. Since all viewers are business people, only high quality leads are generated, which is costly.
Is LinkedIn Advertising relevant for my business?
It's easy to understand. If your target audience is made up of professionals who use LinkedIn, LinkedIn's advertising campaigns will certainly help your business.
Which type of LinkedIn ad is most effective?
Sponsored content or single-image ads are very effective on LinkedIn because they appear in your LinkedIn feed for the profession you want to reach.
Can I manage my LinkedIn ad campaigns?
Yes, I can. However, LinkedIn ads are expensive and you should aim for maximum effectiveness when investing in them. Partnerships with professional service providers are a secure proposal. It ensures the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and faster ROI.
How much do I have to pay for LinkedIn ads?
The prices depend on your targeting demands. However, on average, Linkedin charges around $1 - $5 or even more per click.

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