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Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads Campaign Management

Google Ads helps attract more customers and is used daily by millions of companies around the world.

You can tell by the number of ads displayed in Google search. Google Ads can help you direct your target customers to your website. When your goal is to bring more customers online. Google Ads is your best bet. Over the last eight years, we've managed over 200 Google Ads campaigns. The Boost Kings is a Certified Google Advertising partner.

Why Google Ads:

  • 99% of worldwide users are searching in Google
  • Thousands of users search for your products or services every day.
  • We identify your keywords and advertising campaigns that can help you promote your product when people are searching.
  • When they click on your ad, they come to your website with the intention of buying
  • You receive new leads and generate revenue from your product or service from closing these leads.

Before you place your ad on Google, it's important to note the following:

  • What is your advertising goals?
  • Do you have clear advertising objective
  • Do you want more sales?
  • Or want to Promote your brand?
  • Get more traffic to your website?
  • App Downloads?
  • Video Views?
  • What benefits are you offering?
  • Do you have a competitive edge?
  • Why should a customer buy from you?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What kind of messages and creatives you plan to use?
  • How good are your landing pages?
  • Are you using remarketing and conversion tracking?

Google Ads Campaign Types:

  • Search Ads: If you want to promote on google search, make sure you have the proper landing page with some great offers. Google Ads is an expensive advertising medium and every click is important.
  • Display Ads: If you want to increase your exposure, let people know your concept or idea, and show your photos and videos, run a display or banner ad. Display Ads are cheaper than Search Ads.
  • YouTube Ads: Video Ads are a powerful way to tell a story and achieve pay-per-view. This helps improve your brand message.

The Boost Kings Account Managers are Google Certified Professionals and can do the following:

  • Campaign Settings and Strategies
  • Advertising Campaign Copywriting
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Design and Implementation
  • Landing Page A / B Test
  • Advertising Copywriting
  • Performance Test
  • Results Analysis / Report
  • Monthly Performance and Analysis Report
  • Google Ads New Account Set up
  • International PPC-Campaign Management
  • Implementing Website Conversion Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Click, Conversion, Click Fraud Monitoring
  • Rule-Based Bid Setting and Management
  • PPC Account Setting Monitoring (eg Geotargeting)
  • Bidding Strategy Management
  • Continuous Keyword Development and Optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration and Target Tracking
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Ads
  • Account Optimization Tips

Benefits of Advertising on Google

Brand Awareness:
If you want to increase your brand awareness, this is your best bet. Messages are displayed in the form of text ads, image ads, rich text media and video ads on popular websites such as Facebook, Youtube Gulf News and other world's top websites (GDN). Your ads will be shown to users who read or search the top websites.

Metrics in Brand Awareness Reports:

  • Number of users who saw your ad
  • Number of users who clicked on your ad to visit your website.

Website Traffic:
This is your best choice if you want to increase traffic to your website. As mentioned above, your ads will appear on Google Search and the Google Display Network. This way you will get the most clicks and traffic to your website.

Metrics in Website Traffic Reports:

  • Number of users who saw your ad
  • Number of users who clicked on your ad to visit your website.
  • Information about your website visitors.

Lead Generation:
If your goal is to get more leads to your website, this is your best bet. Your ads will be shown to users who are interested in your product or service. Here, we use conversion tracking and remarketing technology to get the best conversions. Optimize your ad so that only interested users click on it to visit your page. You can receive potential phone calls or sales contacts / sales.

Metrics in Leads Generation Reports:

  • Number of users who saw your ad
  • Number of users who clicked on your ad to visit your website.
  • Number of potential customers, sales, and calls received per day.

Other Benefits include: ROAS Advertising Cost-Effectiveness and ROI Return on Investment Measurement

Google Ads Management Process

Want to launch a Google Ads campaign? Below are some important points to keep in mind and some of our processes.

  • What are the goals of Google Ads? Traffic, brand awareness, app downloads, lead generation, or online sales.
  • Select your Advertising Objective, Optimize your landing page with relevant keywords and then Set up tracking to measure results
  • Next, we'll try to track Google Ads targeting options such as location, budget, creatives, offers and messages, and campaign types.
  • Keyword settings, ad settings, remarketing and conversion tracking are set, then sent to the customer for approval.
  • Test the form, track and approve it, then publish the ad live.
  • Monitor campaigns every other day to see metrics and analyze results.


  • We encourage you to provide feedback on your results so that we can optimize your results.
  • We recommend that you run your ad for at least three months to learn and make changes in the first few weeks.
  • Over time, your campaign's performance will improve and your customers will see the results if you have been running a Google Ads campaign with us for months and years.
  • Our goal is to improve customer marketing results and ensure that we implement best practices to improve performance.
  • PPC management, Ads campaign management fees.
    Your price will be different because your goals are different.

The Boost Kings is a Google Ads Certified Agency. Providing Pay per click (PPC) and other Google advertising services. We are Google Ads management experts and have experience in creating highly productive google ads like search advertising, display, shopping, video, remarketing, etc.

If you’re looking for professional Google Ads services, please get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Advertising on Google

Brand Awareness
Website Traffic
Lead Generation
ROAS & ROI Measurement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Google Ads and how it works?
Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising program that Google offers to promote on its platform. Google Ads allows you to follow your ads in Google Search, YouTube Ads and Display Banner Ads. This is a pay-per-click program, where each time a user clicks on an ad, they either search Google for the display banner or pay-per-click. This differs between AED .50 Fils, and some industries can start a AED 10 per click billing system
What do I need to start with Google Ads?
You need an appropriate website or landing page with your privacy policy and terms of use. For this to work, it's important to have a website that works well and loads fast. You also need to set clear goals for what you need, traffic or leads, recognition or app downloads. This will support you. You also need developer support to add your Google Ads tracking code to your website. Designers who create great photo and video ads. You can also support you with these. Make sure you follow Google Ads guidelines.
What kind of Ads can I run with Google Ads?
You can use Google Ads to display the most effective but cost-per-click ads in Google Search. People who search for your product or service go to Google to search. When you appear on the first page and get that valuable click, you can get the right lead or sale. You can also serve Google Display ads, which are banner ads that appear on multiple websites, apps, and Gmail platforms. You can also run an app download ad campaign from the Universal App Campaign. Remarketing ads are another popular advertising technique that allows you to reuse ads and display them to previous website visitors. Different goals have different types of campaigns. Tell us about your marketing intent, and we will find the best option for you.
Do you guarantee results with Google Ads?
Please note that The Boost Kings does not guarantee any kind of advertising. It also depends on what you mean by the guarantee. If you have the right offers, demand, and good landing pages to attract your customers, all you need to do is set up the right Google Ads campaign to get results. Let's say that following the process and the most well-known methods increases your chances of getting better results. Our past experience also plays a role here to get a better result from your Ads Campaign.
What is the cost of Google Ads?
There are two components to the cost of Google Ads. Google Ads budget and administration costs. The Google Ads budget is a pay-per-click that you pay to run Google Ads. Suppose you want to spend 200 dirhams per day = 6000 dirhams on a monthly budget. There is also an administration fee. Prices vary depending on your budget, number of campaigns, and other factors. Please contact us for more information. We will use your budget wisely and strive to deliver results to you. After using Google Ads for over 10 years, you can count on decent results.
How much budget is needed for Google Ads?
There is no definitive answer. You can also start with 10 dirhams per day = 300 dirhams per month. But it can get you a few clicks like 50 to 100 clicks. Is that enough? The correct way to budget for Google Ads is to estimate the cost-per-click for an industry in a particular city or country. Based on this, we can give you the exact budget you need. Talk to us about your specific budget or marketing questions.

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