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Contact Database Generation

Can all contacts communicate at the same time? Do you know which one is your most faithful? How many contacts do you live in the same zip code or area?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, it may be time to invest in your contact database. Service companies in particular depend on their relationships with their customers. The contact database is a powerful tool to help with that. The contact database also has many other benefits to service companies.

What is the Contact Database?

Contact Database is a centralized place to store contact information to help you improve your strategy. The best database makes it easy to keep your customer information, purchase history and more up to date. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are the most common type of contact database for businesses of all sizes.

A complete understanding of the contact base is important for growing your business. You can make better marketing decisions when you really know what motivates your customers to come back and what drives them to different options.

If you have a CDM or other type of contact database set up, you can enjoy:

  • Increase contact loyalty. Communicate with your brand loyalty customers and seduce them with special discounts and other rewards.
  • We will carry out a better email campaign. The contact database helps you group your customers and send targeted marketing emails.
  • Provides better service. Valuable information about buying behavior, reviews, and past interactions can lead to a more effective contact service approach.
  • Quick access to repeaters. Retaining customers costs less than acquiring new customers, and the database helps you identify the best prospects.
  • Market test for repeaters. The database can point to a group of trusted customers who make great product testers before a complete product launch.

Read the FAQ section for all the information you need to know about the Contact Database service.

Our Contact Database Features

Increase Contact Loyalty
Better and Targeted Email Campaigns
better Product Service Marketing
Quick Access to Targeted Contacts
Available within 72 Houres

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is your data compiled?
We have leveraged years of online marketing intelligence that has been tested and tested by some of the Fortune 500 giants to edit this high quality email list from executives and professionals around the world. Our Business List Source: Very high quality consisting of a combination of contacts edited from various official sources and contacts that triggered a response to an email or subscribed to a product/service offering. A highly responsive database. This database is a combination of sources such as: -Respondents from the online product list. -Subscribers to newsletters and printed materials from various industries. -Exhibitors and visitors to events and trade fairs. -Organizing industry events. -Company annual report. -Official Government. Commercial register of each country. Consumer List Source: The Consumer List provided by The Boost Kings is taken directly from the official sources of each country. Boost Kings does not maintain an internal consumer list as it legally represents consumer data for selected countries and acts as a data partner for specific official sources in each country.
How good is your list quality and what will my response rate be?
The response rate of a marketing program is determined by a large number of variables, so the response rate varies from campaign to campaign. It depends on the actual product you are selling, the creative content of your email message, the presentation of your list, and your timing. The list is just one part of your success-without polishing other aspects of the campaign, your reaction will be adversely affected. The average open rate for lists used in email marketing campaigns is 5% to 20%, and the average click through rate is 1% to 7%. This depends on the target level of your email campaign.
Can I see a sample of your list?
Standard samples representing the format of B2B data can be emailed free of charge upon request. Please note that we do not disclose the contact information of the person in charge of the sample in order to respect privacy.
In what formats can I get my list?
The list is provided in the following format: Excel, CSV, Access or SQL file.
How will I receive my ordered list?
List file or files; When they are completed, an automatic email will be generated with a secure link for downloading directly to your computer.
What forms of payment do you accept?
All list purchases must be prepaid by either bank check, wire transfer, or credit card. All credit card payments are subject to an additional credit card processing fee. We do not accept payments other than the above. If you have any payment issues, please contact us by phone, email or live chat on our website. We will solve the problem.
What is your list pricing?
The price of the list depends on the type of list you are buying. List prices typically range from $ 0.15 / $ 0.98 per record ($ 150 / 1,000 records to $ 980 / 1,000 records and offer volume discounts to bulk buyers.
How do I order the list?
Click the Live-chat or WhatsApp chat icons. You will be responded to by a customer service representative Your requirement will be taken And a detailed quote and agreement will be sent to you. Once you agree with the pricing and are ready to proceed with placing an order, we will send you an invoice and you can proceed with payment and once the payment has been done we will start processing your order. Alternately, you can either call us at +971 52 147 5338 or chat with us LIVE anytime on the website and we can process the List Order for you.
Do you have a minimum order requirement?
The minimum order amount is either $ 300 or 1,000 AED. We offer a large number of discounts. Contact your listing specialist at for specific listing needs.
How often is your database updated?
To ensure you get the highest quality list from Boost Kings, we only offer the best list data that are updated every 6 months.
List Deliverability
We guarantee and ensure the quality of our list data. All mailing lists are valid and get good returns when sent through our email marketing services and an we offer 50% guarantee when sent through another email server other than The Boost Kings email delivery servics. This is because we have a white-listed domain that will be utilized for your mailings and we follow all the relevant CAN-SPAM-ACT regulations to ensure your emails pass all the spam checks.
Should we purchase an email list from you or rent an email list?
This decision depends entirely on your marketing needs and how much expertise your team has in sending a successful email marketing campaign. If you rent a mailing list, physical files will not be delivered. Instead, take an email from the contact you hired and use an email creative to set up an email explosion with a message. Let us take care of the headaches of a successful email campaign. Once your email campaign has started and is running, we'll send you a detailed report. We have a close relationship with your ISP and are recognized as confirmed senders of large numbers of emails, so we can guarantee the maximum number of emails that reach the recipient's inbox. This will give you the best ROI for your email rental. When you purchase the mailing list, you will be provided with a verified contact file and you are responsible for sending emails to the contacts in the file.
What about email privacy laws?
We implement strict compliance rules to protect the privacy of email in our database. We undertake to do the same for all marketing partners by strictly complying with both CAN-SPAM-ACT and the rules published under the National DoNotCall Registry Act, as well as data protection laws in different countries. It is obligatory.
How quickly can I get a list?
General delivery of orders is 35 business days from the date of receipt of payment. When a list is ordered and paid for, an in-house list analyst performs a series of internal list checks before serving the list. With the highest level of data security, the list will be emailed via a secure link where you can download the file.

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